Tricia began her love affair with yoga in 2004, with eight years of chronic pain and tension as mat mates. Her slow, often frustrating progression through postures allowed her to heal longstanding back and neck issues following a car accident. Meditation and healthy eating rounded out her new healthy way of living and allowed her to inspire others as she began to fuse yogic and holistic practices into her therapy practice.  Tricia found her calling in one of her first experiences with yoga, and that spirit is woven into every aspect of how we run the studio from the front desk to every class: a strong sense of community, a deep knowledge and appreciation of what the practice can do for our bodies and minds, and the desire to re-invent the yoga experience with a holistic approach to studio design, programming and teachers. Taking care of the whole person, meeting them where they are and helping them aspire to more.


Our mission is to provide exceptional yoga experiences in a safe, calm and inspiring environment designed to support your practice. Our multidisciplinary approach allows our amazing teachers to shine, while teaching the formats that they love.


If you are considering trying a class but you’re not sure if you can do yoga, consider the following:

We teach you to fit yoga into your body, not fitting you into a yoga posture. All postures can be modified to accommodate to your individual body, regardless of age, ability or fitness level. Doctors agree that there is no better way to get and stay supple and strong than lubricating each major joint through full range of motion on a daily basis. Yoga strengthens your muscles, reduces pain, improves your cardiovascular system, improves immune function and treats the nervous system to a toning and calming experience. Flexibility and strength are achieved slowly, mindfully and at your pace. We offer private yoga lessons and yoga therapy sessions to help you to become familiar with your body and yoga. If you have specific areas to be treated, we will work closely with you to ensure your abilities are supported in group classes. Beginners enjoy Fluid and Slow Flow as they allow for a slower pace and more instructions. Yoga is for athletes! Since 2007 we have been serving football, hockey, golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, baseball, runners, Tri-athletes, soccer and volleyball enthusiasts. Their performance In their primary sport of choice has been dramatically improved. Yoga can be extremely invigorating when exploring Core, Bootcamp, Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes. Meditation, Yoga-Feldenkrais, Yoga-Pilates fusion, Balance Yoga Bootcamp and Yoga-Core fusion are specialty classes offered to expand on your experience.