We provide an array of yoga classes and workshops to meet your needs for a healthy body and mind.

Our yoga classes differ in so many ways, beginning with our space.  We designed and built Balance Yoga Therapy with your health in mind. Our yoga floor is specifically designed to provide support without straining your joints. Its like practicing on a cloud.  The best part is it’s formaldehyde free, mold and dust resistant and we can completely clean each sealed tile so the floors are healthy and comfortable.

Yoga classes at Balance Yoga Therapy are taught by highly trained and experienced master teachers.  Their caring and compassion sets us apart as we specialize in calmer, slower and more refined yoga.  It is our job to assist you with finding yoga to fit your body and to optimize your health and wellness. We will never yell at you or blast rock music at you.  You are perfect as you are and we love you!

Yoga Privates are available too.

Yoga Teacher Training


Worldwide Retreats