Class Descriptions

Temp Class Name Description Who is it good for? What it will feel like
79°Restorative YogaSimpler postures, with a cooler room and long holding yin postures to release deep tissues in hips, legs and torso.Everyone looking to get really relaxed.Very calming, and blissed out.
91°FUNctional Hot VinyasaThe Rock star of yoga, fun and energetic these classes will surely make you feel that you are alive!
Learn how to flow on your own, then find an edge that transforms your mind and body.
The yoga student who is looking to energize their practice, heat up and stretch out.Definitely energetic, but accessible to all students through the use of variations.
78-80°AshtangaWarm up with Sun Salutations, then explore standing, seated and inversion postures.Great for all yoga students.All about the inner focus and moving meditation. energetic and calming at the same time. Deep bends and twists to nourish the spine.
78-81°FluidCompletely guided practice, for those who do not want to flow on their own, fluid warm up with emphasis on building awarenes of feeling in postures.Great for everyone!
Cooler and more accessible than Slow Flow.

What a lot of people would call a Hatha Yoga class.
A great breath building practice, strength, flexability and mindfulness.
78- 81°Slow FlowExplore and enlighten as you move through a series of postures with a firm foundation and an eye toward letting go.For relaxation, building mindfulness and stress reductionA flow on your own portion of this class is gentler and milder than Hot Vinyasa but still gives you a great workout.
75-78°Basic FlowExplore breath and movement as you move through a series of postures with a firm foundation and an eye toward learning modifications, alignment and how to make yoga work for you.For relaxation, building mindfulness and stress reductionBasic flows and breathing.
75-78°Yin Deep release of tension in major ligaments and fascia. Mindfulness and calm.For relaxation, building mindfulness and stress reductionBasic postures and breathing.

Yoga and meditation classes taught in a professional and caring atmosphere that is dedicated to assisting each student with exploring their potential for growth and self acceptance.

Our style of yoga allows all students to practice at the level that they are, without competition or pressure to perfect postures.